Sandra Strüwing founded candid communications in 2003. Being a passionate networker who likes to think outside the box, she loves to bring people together and develop ideas. She also enjoys writing and playing with language. Time is short and the pressure is on, a crisis situation calls for quick action? Ideal conditions for Sandra to deliver top performance – where the years of practical experience and routine pay off which she had gained during her time at an international company and a mid-size company. At GFT Technologies, an IT service provider, she was in charge of the company’s going public and establishing financial communications, media relations and employee communications. In addition to her role as press officer, she also acted as head of marketing. The necessary tools of the trade had been given to her at semiconductor manufacturer Texas Instruments, where the graduated communication scientist learned the ins and outs of internal and external corporate communications. In her spare time, she enjoys literature, jazz and films as well as running and hiking in the mountains.