Writing for the Web

“Put it to them briefly, so they will read it; clearly, so they will appreciate it; picturesquely, so they will remember it; and, above all, accurately, so they will be guided by its light.” This was the advice of Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911), a Hungarian-born American publisher and founder of the Pulitzer Prize for achievements in journalism. What would he think of the current direction online journalism is taking? He might be pleased with the fact that his advice has never been more fitting than today. Brief, to the point, simple and weaving images into text: all of these are especially important for online content. In order to be found by your readers, it is essential that your texts are written with search engine optimization in mind. We know how to do just that and are happy to support you. So that you will be found and read!

Appropriately linked, search engine optimized and well written – these are key criteria if your text is to be found and read.

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