Getting the media’s attention

Your company won a large contract or has introduced new product developments to the market – yet you don’t read about it anywhere. This is where we come in. Because we know how work is done in editorial offices from first-hand experience, we know what gets journalists going, which topics they’re interested in and what makes your message become relevant news. To us, public relations is more than just sending out press releases. Boring press conferences? Not with us. In order for your media presence to be as effective as possible, our team accompanies you – from identifying the right topic all the way to the finished content in the relevant media channels. We make sure your experts get an opportunity to shine as competent interview partners, we organize visits to editorial offices or answer media inquiries. And of course we also send out press releases – designed in just the way journalists like them.

We know how journalists think from our own experience. This puts us into an ideal position to successfully get your message across all media.

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