Temporary Colleague

When push comes to shove, we can be right where you need us, supporting your business on-site. We are happy to be at your side temporarily, filling in as required by the situation or getting a project done together with you. We help with getting important projects planned and started. We achieve milestones. We speed up the project completion. And we help you to promote your project results internally and externally. We do this by becoming integrated quickly in existing teams, by coaching and leading your employees and also by managing other service providers. It all depends on what is needed most. Having communicated for start-ups, at product launches, when going public as well as during mergers & acquisitions, changes in the management board or major crisis, we are able to bring manifold experience to the table.

You need to bridge the time until a vacancy is filled? Form a team? Get support for a challenging project? We are happy to lend assistance.

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