We are your partner for all your corporate communications and PR needs.

Communications consulting, PR agency, editorial office. We’re all of the above.

Whichever our clients need, whenever they need it. Our clients represent corporate communications: PR, IR, marketing and employee communications – disciplines, which are continually growing together, even if they are currently still struggling for sovereignity within corporate structures. We usually don’t let that stop us: we think and act within a holistic approach. Hierarchies are not part of our agency’s structure. At the same token, we don’t care for titles. We’d rather make sure our clients’ names are written properly. That facts are correct. And that things get on their way quickly.

We appreciate clients who approach us with a new topic.

One that may be complex, technically demanding and difficult to communicate. Because that’s what fascinates us. Quickly taking in every aspect of a topic – this is what clients appreciate most about us.

We usually do not respond to requests for proposals or take part in pitches.

The effort it takes keeps us from taking care of our clients’ business – and means investing time and, therefore, money. Money, which we and our current clients would rather save. In the past, our clients came to us via personal referrals. Because individuals had been pleased with our services and told others.

Whatever we do, we aim to do right.

We accept projects and client accounts out of conviction and are committed to them with passion. This only works with trust on both sides. And having fun working together.

As an agency, we live the candid spirit in the same way we would expect from a service provider.

We have a very clear idea of this – because we’ve worked for industrial enterprises and service providers. And because we team up with other agencies. Our billing clock doesn’t tick with every small task. Discussions about who owns a distribution list, contacts or ideas is something you won’t experience with us. Transparency when invoicing and reporting is a given. We’re all about the task at hand. Which doesn’t mean we can’t do tactical maneuvering – it’s just that we prefer not to. Especially when it comes to project work. We’d rather focus on lightening your work load and push forward your communications.


Once you’ve decided to work with us, you won’t want to miss us ever again. Because we are like your favorite colleague who gets things done while you are taking care of business. Who has your back so you are free to take care of other things yourself. Who is there when you need advice and help and who you can call anytime to ask anything. At the same time, we are distant enough to provide you with an outside view.