• Your partner for all your corporate communications needs

    We are your partner for all your corporate communications needs.

  • Kommunikationsberatung, PR-Agentur, Redaktionsbüro. Wir sind alles für Sie. Heute das eine. Morgen das andere.

  • Bei uns bekommen Sie Kommunikation, Klartext und Kontakte… und immer einen Kaffee.

  • Wir sind wie Ihr Lieblingskollege, der Ihnen den Rücken frei hält für die Dinge, die Sie gerne selbst erledigen möchten.


On our blog, we like to pick up on communications-related topics. Report from events we’ve visited. Or simply write about all the things that fascinate and move us on a daily basis. So far, our posts are in German only. But if you like looking at pretty pictures, then feel free to check them out on here
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Communications consulting, PR agency, editorial office


– we’re all of the above. Whichever is most needed by our clients, who are corporate communications specialists themselves: in PR, investor relations, marketing or employee communications. All of which are disciplines continuing to grow together. As an agency, we live the candid spirit in the same way
we would expect from a service provider: as being a favorite colleague. But be aware: there is a certain addictive potential to working with us. Once you’ve hired us, you won’t want to miss us ever again. Why? Read for yourself… 


  • LEW
  • Maximilians Boutique-Hotel Landau
  • Papilio


Flexibility is our strength. As all-rounders determined to deliver the highest quality, we don’t (and neither intend to) fit any particular mold. Explore our portfolio for a small selection of what we can do for you. And if you are looking for support for a different communications project: let’s talk!

Overview of services…

  • We open doors

    We communicate, we network, we bring people together. This is our specialty and, oftentimes, an unexpected door openener for our clients.

  • Strategy

    Getting a new product into the media? Averting a crisis? As your agency for strategic consultancy we will find the right tool for your needs.

  • Getting the media’s attention

    We know how journalists think from our own experience. This puts us into an ideal position to successfully get your message across all media.

  • Good stories

    Every company has its stories. We dig them out, prepare them and tell them. Authentic, interesting and unforgettable – so that you stand out in the public’s memory.

  • Utilizing social networks

    We speak the community’s language. Why? Because we participate and use a wide variety of platforms and know how they actually work.

  • Numbers, data, facts…

    …are the key players of an annual report. As are the humans behind it. We tell the stories that make the facts.

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Your team.


  • Andrea Finkel

    The comma queen gets excited about all linguistic topics – including grammar and orthography. Complex topics tickle her ambition.

    More about Andrea

  • Jasmin La Marca

    Half German, half Italian, all PR professional with a love for writing for the web. Blogging, skyping, tweeting and of course facebooking: social media – like

    More about Jasmin

  • Sandra Strüwing

    Passionate communicator and networker. Favorite hobby and personal ambition: candid communications.

    More about Sandra

  • Elke Thiergärtner

    Developing ideas, taking on challenges: The passionate runner likes it when things move forward. She always has the goal in mind.

    More about Elke

A Word…

Get in contact with us

Our agency is nestled in the heart of Augsburg, between city hall and the Augsburg Cathedral. The office is situated on the brink of Augsburg’s Old Town, only a few steps away from the vibrant center and the vivid pedestrian area. If you are driving we recommend the parking garages Ernst-Reuther-Platz or Ludwigstraße. They are within just a few minutes’ walking distance. The parking garage nearest to us ist Stadtmetzg. There are only 20 parking lots where you are allowed to stay no longer than 60 minutes (requires (mobile) parking ticket).

If you are using public transport, please get off at “Rathausplatz”. You will find the entrance to Karolinenstraße 16 at “Burgergässchen”, a small pathway off Karolinenstraße next to “Tchibo”.

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